If you want to make money as a songwriter, composer or lyricist, the obvious answer is to find yourself a publisher. But what do music publishers actually do for their clients? Why do you need one, and how can you find the right one?

As a music publisher, I'm always answering questions about my business. I would say that the most common one is "What exactly does a music publisher do?" The simple answer would be that I work with songwriters, who compose music and/or lyrics, just as a book publisher would work with an author.

Many individuals in the music business, unless they're directly involved in music publishing, have a poor understanding of the particulars of publishing. Couple that with the fact that the laws and procedures vary from country to country and it often becomes quite a daunting task to get a solid understanding of the field.

Before you start to look for a publisher to work with, you should first understand the basic types of publishers. The first is described as an administrator. Usually an individual or small company, they provide a service, for a small commission, to the songwriter by handling all aspects of the registration, licensing and collection processes.  The next level of publishers are called 'independents'.  An independent offers the same administration services as an administrator, but also provides creative services and offers competitive advances to songwriters. Their client lists would usually be made up of mid-level artists plus talented songwriters and producers.

Here at Music Priorities we are a small boutique style company with the capability of an Independent. We take pride in the quality of music we represent and we love to work with up and coming artists and composers.

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